Laser Sheet Labels Overview

Laser sheet labels are labels printed on sheets, usually on laser printers. Regardless of what their name tells you, these labels can most often be printed on inkjet printers or copier machines, as well, unless the instructions say that the label is designed ONLY for laser printers. Inkjet printers are usually not suitable for waterproof labels, because they use water based ink which smears when the label gets wet.

Laser sheet label printing is perfect for home, or any on-site, on-demand printing. It is relatively low-cost (if you don’t need a huge amount of labels, when industrial printing is a more cost-effective option), quick, and it provides sharp-image, smooth labels.

Laser sheet labels come in many different sizes, shapes and colors. The combinations of label materials and adhesives are pretty extensive, and it is important to choose each of these elements well, in order to obtain the right label for your product.

One of the most basic things you need to know is that laser sheet labels should be run through the printer only once. The sheets are exposed to extreme heat inside the laser printer, and repeated printing could destroy the material, melt the adhesive and make the labels peel off, causing the printer to jam. Also, when choosing the size of a label sheet, it is good to check whether your printer is big enough for unusal-sized sheets.

Some of laser sheet label applications are: