Dimensions, Shapes and Color Options

Laser sheet labels are printed on sheets that can be any dimensions you want. However, to save costs on unusual-sized sheets, there are some standard label sheet dimensions:

There are many more options you can choose from. Depending on the size of a label, you can fit from 1 to as much as 270 labels on one sheet. When choosing dimensions and the number of labels that will fit on one sheet, it is important to remember that all labels have to be printed at once; you cannot print one label, and later re-run the same sheet to print labels you left blank. If you do that, there’s high chance you will ruin the labels and/or jam the printer.

The good thing is that one sheet can contain different sized and different shaped labels. Not all labels on one sheet need to be identical. You can choose from variety of shapes for your labels: rectangle, round, triangle, octagon, oval, etc. When choosing rectangle or any other “pointy” shape, it is good to make the corners round, to minimize the chance of label peeling during printing.

Laser sheet labels can be pre-printed or totally printed with any information and design you want. Most printing presses offer up to 6 or 8 colors on a label, in CMYK or Pantone Matching System technology. Specialized labels can be silver, gold or any other color of your choice. You can have different types of finishes – matte, gloss, fluorescent, etc. It is important to remember that experimenting with colors is probably not a good choice for barcode labels, that need to be extra sharp and scannable. For any other special desires, you can talk to the printing press expert and learn about more options.